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We are a hard money lender that services real estate markets across the country. Our lending program is a vehicle through which real estate investors can realize their investment goals and be competitive in their market. Our mission is to be the premier hard money lender in the country (more states coming soon), by helping investors achieve superior market returns by leveraging our hard money loans while supporting the real estate investment community.

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About F Street

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Founded in 2008, F Street Group invests and maintains ownership stakes in businesses across a number of verticals, including housing, lending, real estate development, and hospitality. Our focus continues to be on finding opportunities that maximize returns and wealth creation.

Our goal has always been to help support and build the communities that we invest in through our businesses. We love the city of Milwaukee, our headquarters, and while we continue to build toward a better future, we’ve also got our hearts set on expansion to other markets. We have several exciting projects in the works and we hope you’ll check out all that our group has to offer.